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Post by Tune on Fri Jan 29, 2016 8:52 am

I'm not the Person of many words Smile So here are the improtant Things :
nickname: 4Tune
age: 18
Country: Germany
previous Clan(s): C4V
i start playing game in 2006 (there was a 1 years break)
favourite maps: i love all Smile) can Play on every map
i want to join sh8rk because i was searching for a new clan that is not to big for me Smile sh8rk is the perfect combination of high skilled and communicative members
you decide it yourself whether you let me join or not Smile but i think i am a quite good Player with a good Knowledge about the game. i also havee a lot of contacts in game--> good known Player
i use the mouse logitech g402

your sincerly 4-Tune Smile


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